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Children of today are very different then children 20, 30 years ago. In this day and age, children have so much ‘stuff’. They spend a lot of time getting and playing with ‘stuff’. Gone are the days of running outside, playing in the yard, getting sweaty running after each other and being a kid. Technology has kind of taken that away from this generation. They spend so much time watching a screen and so little time playing.

When I look at my children (I have 3; 2 teenage boys and 1 little princess) I see how they are so addicted to their phones, games, ipads etc. My sons spend every moment that we allow them playing an online game on their xbox or watching videos on their phones. My daughter spends countless hours watching youtube videos and making her own musically videos. At times, I have to take all electronics away so that we can have some good old fashioned family time together. And often times, to them it feels like a punishment.

In the past, when their birthdays or special holidays came around, I would struggle to think of something special to get for them. In the beginning, I wanted to buy them ‘stuff’. The things that they wanted. The new electronics or the newest game… But after they got that ‘stuff’, they would hide away and get lost looking back into a screen.

About 8 years ago we decided that we would spend less money on ‘stuff’.  We would use that ‘stuff’ money to take adventures and make memories. And that has been the greatest decision that we have ever made as a family. We all love thrill rides and excitement so we have planned to adventured to a variety of amusement parks. We’ve even taken a couple cruises to see new places.

Sometimes the adventure is elaborate to where we travel to far off places. Sometimes the adventure is right in the backyard and is something new and cool that the kids wanted to experience (like paintball or camping). Sometimes the adventure is expensive and sometimes the adventure is absolutely free. We go on trips. We do princess make-overs. We go on hikes. We become mermaids at the beach. Whatever the adventure, it’s more of the experience that we focus on.

I value time… Time I get to spend with them… Time we get to spend together as a family… Time we get to explore and learn new things… Time that we can adventure and make memories… We know that time is precious and we try to make the most with the time that we have.

If there is one thing that puts a smile on all of our faces… It’s choosing the adventure and making the memory…

44 thoughts on “Make the Memory…

    1. admin

      Memories truly are. I’m sure that over the years there are so many memories that you have made with your family. It is such a treasure that can never be taken away.

    1. admin

      I agree… I just hope that we can also continue to make memories even as they get older (but I know it’ll be a little harder to do that).

    1. admin

      I agree… Memories last forever… Sometimes we all sit around and talk about the trips and adventures we’ve had…

    1. admin

      Memories are priceless. I hope that they understand why we chose to do that when they get older and choose to be memory rich with their families….

  1. I instilled in my kids that experiences are more important than stuff. It was so important to me I set up spending accounts for them with the stipulation that it is only to use for experience while they are in college. They are not allowed to shop with the money.

  2. I LOVE this. We never buy our kids expensive gifts but have gone on more vacations than most people do their whole lives. We love doing cruises, road trips and other fun experiences. For their birthdays we put a little money into savings, buy a cake, and have small gifts. Kids will remember their experiences and trips forever.

  3. I’m all for the memories at this point in my life. THat’s what matters. I’d rather spend my hard earned money on activities making memories than shopping it away on “things”.

    1. admin

      I agree with you… Sometimes I make everyone leave all electronics at home and we go on an adventure together like hiking or to the beach. The first time felt a little awkward, but now my kids have gotten used to it. They don’t necessarily like it, but they abide and leave electronics home.

    1. admin

      I agree… Memories are never outdated… And I love when my kids reminisce on some of the adventures that we’ve been on.

  4. I love this! Memories and adventures are so important, and “stuff” is just stuff. This post is a great reminder of what is important life.

  5. 100%!!! Actually, my kids, who are now grown adults, remember all the experiences we did – camping in Colorado, going to Blue Man Group – and love them. The material things are forgettable, but never the experiences.

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